Annie and Clarabel
are Thomas's faithful coaches, whom he loves very much.


  1. Season 1 - Toby's Seaside Holiday (cameo) and Drip Tank (do not speak)
  2. Season 2 - Deep Freeze (cameo) The Missing Coach (do not speak), Scrambled Eggs (do not speak), Stop Thief! (do not speak) and Gordon Goes Foreign (cameo)
  3. Season 3 - Thomas and the Evil Diesel (do not speak) and The Runaway
  4. Season 5 - Rusty to the Rescue (cameo) and Stepney's Special (cameo)
  5. Season 6 - Thomas and Bertie 'and Thomas, Terence and the Snow
  6. Season 7 - Coal (do not speak) and Percy's Porridge (cameo)
  7. Season 7 - Thomas and the Guard and Thomas in Trouble (do not speak)
  8. Season 8 - Thomas and the Guard Thomas in Trouble (do not speak) Percy's Predicament (do not speak) and Wrong Road (cameo)
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