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Bertie's Chase is the nineth episode of the eleventh season.


Thomas is late but Edward starts anyway. Bertie arrives with Thomas' passengers just as he leaves - Thomas' fireman was ill - and, seeing he has left, chases him to Crosby, but misses him there too. Bertie's driver and the stationmaster make a plan, and they finally catch up with him at Wellsworth, where Bertie explains the whole story to Edward. Edward apologises and leaves.

As Edward past the crossing, Bertie came up to the gates and shouts at Edward that he has got Thomas's passengers, but Edward has already puffed away without listening to Bertie. Bertie felt so embarassed because he must have been thinking that he has promised to let the passengers catch the train, but his driver explains to Bertie that they must keep their promise to Thomas and they started off to chase Edward. Bertie felt so upset and says that he would catch Edward or bust, and he felt so awkward about his gears as he ran up the hill. And as they reached the top of the hill, he sees Edward at Suddery, stopping at the level crossing. Bertie felt so happy when he went down the hill towards the crossing, but Edward has started off without knowing that Bertie is coming into the yards. Bertie felt so upset after Edward has puffed away. He apologises to the passengers, who told Bertie not to worry, and encourages him to start after Edward again. Bertie wasn't sure about this, but his driver says that there is a good chance of catching Edward, so that Bertie climbs the hills better than him. After checking with the stationmaster, Bertie sets off again feeling very happy.

As they carried on, Edward starts climbing the steep hill and the coaches starts grumbling until they reached the top. Even if they didn't have any idea about Bertie, they ran smoothly into the next station. The guard blows his whistle, but when Edward's driver looked back, he didn't see the flag waving. As Bertie suddenly arrived, the stationmaster has told the guard and driver all about what has happened.


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The Railway Series - Bertie's Chase

The Railway Series - Bertie's Chase

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