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Oliver the Western Engine

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November 18 2014

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Bulgy is the fourteenth episode of the thirteenth season.


It was a Bank Holiday morning on the Island of Sodor where all the engines were working hard, and the station becomes crowded with people on the platform. No sooner any of the trains starts than more other stations were filled with people waiting to travel. Even Duck, Oliver, Donald and Douglas were busy too, but they didn't bring anyone and the Yards were packed with parked cars and coaches. One day, Duck was waiting for his next turn, but Alice and Mirable felt so cross about the heat, so Duck had to back them into the Goods Sheds while he basks outside the sun. He also saw a huge red bus, who grumbles when he sees the happy passengers going around the Small Railway, and states that he would never have brought them if he has known that he has had a breakdown. Duck then explains to the bus that he would have spoilt their fun if he says like that, and tells him to look at how the passengers are enjoying themselves. But the bus doesn't care and tells Duck that the railways will be ripped up, and encourages everyone to keep the roads free from the Railway Tyranny.

At Haultraugh, Duck tells Oliver about the bus. Oliver explains to Duck that he calls the bus "Bulgy" and then laughs off his threats. But in the afternoon, Oliver became very serious as he came back to the station and tells Duck that since another equally rude bus has arrived and is taking Bulgy's passengers so Bulgy himself can take Duck's to the big station.




The Railway Series - Bulgy

The Railway Series - Bulgy

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