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July 8 2014

Railway Series Book

Toby, Trucks and Trouble

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Bulstrode is the ninth episode of the twelfth season.


One day, Percy was shunting trucks in the yards when the stationmaster arrives and tells Percy to leave the trucks and sort out the trouble that is happening at the harbour. Percy felt so horrified because Toby can't do it, but the Stationmaster tells him that he will worry about the shunting and reminds him that The Fat Controller is waiting for him. So Percy hurried away to fix the problem.

At the harbour, there was one barge called "Bulstrode", who carries stone. He was a disagreeable barge who complains when nothing gets right for him. The trucks also grumbled, but they wern't a patch of Bulstrode. Bulstrode and the trucks then argued about who is in the wrong place, but it made no difference, because Bulstrode was in the wrong place and he wasn't ready to leave until the next day and he was going to let a little thing like that stop him complaining. When Percy arrived, the trucks orders him to shunt him into the siding to load the stones on Bulstrode, so they can leave.

Percy then pulls the trucks away up the hill to clear the points. As he stopped, one of the trucks's brakes were hot and Percy pushes the trucks along the line. The trucks were very heavy and filled with stones as they gathered speed and rattled along the quay straight towards Bulstrode who has heard a rattling and shouting coming from the trucks as Percy was pushing them. Percy then bangs the trucks through the buffers as the they went toppling off the wharf and straight into Bulstrode's hull, which sinks him very much to his amusement when the trucks made a hole in his hull, which made the water pour in and Bulstrode began to drown. The trucks were very upset of their friend, and very angry with Bulstrode for barging and moaning about not being loaded fast enough, and then laughed.

After the trucks were rescued from Bulstrode, Percy then takes them to the scrapyards while the workmen clears the stones away from Bulstrode. After the mess has been cleared away, Bulstrode was then towed to the beach for children to play in. Even when Bulstrode is still grumpy, the children still ignores him.


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