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September 3 2012

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Henry the Green Engine

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Coal is the third episode of the seventh season.


One morning, Henry woke up feeling ill. He complained to James who simply shrugs it off as Henry being lazy and not working hard enough. The Fat Controller was also very worried about Henry and tells him that he is very expensive to run, and that he was given new parts and new paint which didn't work properly for him. He also tells Henry that if he can't get better, then he would have to be replaced by another engine that can do hios work, which makes Henry and his crew feel even more sad.

Next morning, as Henry came to Knapford to fetch his coaches, The Fat Controller was determined at the bottom of Henry's problem, and also decided to ride in Henry'ss cab with his crew after he took off his hat and coat and got changed into his overalls. Henry manages to start and run along the line, but his fireman was very upset to see that the heat inside Henry's engine wasn't running properly.




The Railway Stories - Coal

The Railway Stories - Coal

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