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September 13 2014

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Bill,Ben,And Fergus is the fourth episode of the thirteenth season.


Fergus is a small railway traction engine who works on the island.One morning,he is on his way to the quarry and has a special job to do for Sir Topham Hatt.When Fergus arrives at Maithwaite station,Thomas is there picking up passengers and he asks Fergus where he is going.Fergus explains to Thomas that he is going to the quarry.Thomas warns Fergus to watch out for Bill and Ben the twins who like to make mischie.Fergus tells Thomas to not worry and he will not let the twins act like young rascals and bother him.Thomas tells Fergus that he does not know the twins like him.When Fergus arrives,he is sent to work with Mavis who tells Fergus the freight cars are in a mess.Fergus decides to sort them out,which makes Bill and Ben delighted and decide to have some fun and have that boiler in a spin.Fergus likes helping Mavis,but does not like the way the twins are behaving.Bill bangs the trucks hard which makes rocks fall onto the track.An angry Fergus orders an angry Bill to do it right.Bill does not like being ordered about and snaps at Fergus to not interfere.Ben pushes his freight cars to block the line which causes Fergus to become stuck and angrily orders Ben to move out of his way.But Ben just grins at him.The next morning,the men are blasting rock and Fergus tells Bill and Ben to wait for the “all clear“ signal and tells them to do it right.Eventually,Bill grows tired of Fergus annoying him with his “do it right“ attitude.Ben tells Fergus rudely to keep his funnel out of the quarry.The quarry sends Bill and Ben to collect a rock crusher from the harbor.Fergus enjoys working with Mavis,but Bill and Ben do not enjoy working with the rock crusher,especially when it shakes the rails.Fergus warns them that the blasting has made the rock face unsafe and tells them to not go near it and tells them to do it right once more.But the twins take no notice and are very naughty,and are being rough until a rockslide starts.Fergus,quick-thinking,rushes forward and bumps Bill and Ben out of the way,only to end up in the rocks himself.It takes a long to dig him out,especially Bill and Ben.At last,Fergus is free from the rockslide and Bill and Ben are ashamed and realized they should have not been so naughty and are very sorry.Fergus smiles and tells them that from now on they can all do things right together.


  • Thomas
  • Fergus
  • Bill and Ben
  • Mavis


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The Railway Series - Crosspatch

The Railway Series - Crosspatch

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