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November 25 2009

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Drip Tank is the tenth episode of the first season.


Percy doesn't keep a good look-out, so he gets hit by a branch above the line. Two nights later, he talks to Toby. He asks what a drip is. Thomas interrupts and says that a drip is a coward, a silly person, or a spoil sport. Percy asks if Thomas is a drip because Thomas was preventing Percy from doing something nice. Thomas crossly tells Percy that he is a drip. The next morning, Henry's train is late at the junction, so Thomas races off to make up for lost time. Suddenly, one of his siderods breaks, swings up, and punctures his left hand water tank. At a station, Percy is shunting when an inspector tells him what had happened and that he had to go rescue Thomas. Percy only goes after his driver convinces him. As Percy helps Thomas to the sheds, Thomas apologizes for being rude and asks if they could become friends again. Percy happily agrees.





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The Railway Series - Drip Tank

The Railway Series - Drip Tank