Duck Takes Charge

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March 28 2013

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Percy the Small Engine

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Duck Takes Charge is the fourteenth episode of the eighth season.


One day in the sheds, Percy was eager to tell Gordon and James the news, which they both are not interested in. They become very tired of Percy's usual manner and the tank engine tells the big engines that as the work in the yard is very hard for him, The Fat Controller has decided to bring a new engine to help him. James felt very cross telling Percy that he should work more harder than chatting, so that the yard would be a happier place. Percy then sets off to do his work.

As Percy was doing his work, he has remembered the time that he has accidently reversed at a signal. The big engines consider himself as a "silly little engine" and often order him about, and Percy decided to teach them a lesson, but he does not know how to do it. As soon as Percy has brought his coaches to the station, he was worn out, and sees The Fat Controller. Thed Fat Controller could see how tired Percy looks, which Percy agrees. And so The Fat Controller cheers Percy up by telling him that the new engine is bigger than him and can probably manage to work alone. He then asks Percy to help help Thomas and Toby at building the new harbour, which cheers Percy up straight away. Then he set off.

As the new engine has arrived, The Fat Controller asks him what his name is and the new engine introduces himself as "Montigue"




The Railway Series - Duck Takes Charge-1

The Railway Series - Duck Takes Charge-1

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