Duncan's Ghost Train



Release date

October 2 2013

Railway Series Book

Sudrian Railway Ghosts

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Duncan's Ghost Train is the first episode of the tenth season.


After Rusty helped Peter Sam to the water tower, Peter Sam felt much better after he had a long drink of water. Then his trucks broke away and fallen into the ravine. When Peter Sam came to the rescue, his driver was surprised about this. Then, back at the sheds, Sir Topham Hatt punishes Peter Sam by making him shunt trucks in the yards. Duncan felt so pleased about this and teases Peter Sam that his trucks will return to haunt him. Then, Rusty tells Duncan the story about how an engine who tries to cross the old iron bridge, over the same ravine and fell in the swamps below, then Duncan felt dismissive, but Peter Sam's driver had an idea. He and Duncan's crew were planning to teach Duncan a lesson and take him across the Old Iron bridge. Duncan wanted to go home, but his driver says that he can't go back until they have collected all the trucks. In the nightime, they set off. But when they reached the Old Iron Bridge, Duncan saw flickering lights





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