Edward's Exploit


John Blessing

Release Date

December 5 2012

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Main Line Engines

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Edward's Exploit is the first episode of the eighth season.


Edward scolds Bill and Ben severley for disrespecting Gordon, but now they learnt their lesson and behaved well. It was the day when Edward was taking several visitors to visit Bill and Ben at the China Clay Works, but he had trouble moving the heavy coaches, which were packed full of so many passengers. Henry was asking if Edward was struggling, James remarks it to be painful, while Gordon was grumbling that it is time for Edward to retire. Duck and BoCo got very cross and takes expectation to this and defended him, knowing that Edward is capable of far more than he seems. Finally, Edward manages to start the train and then leaves the station.

Edward brought the train to the junction where the passengers meet Bill and Ben


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The Railway Series - Edward's Exploit

The Railway Series - Edward's Exploit