Vicarstown Garden Party

Release Date

March 8 2016

Railway Series Book

The Bumpy Line (book)

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Vicarstown Garden Party is the twelfth episode of the eighteenth season.


Trevor gave Edward a very good news that the Vicar is organising a Garden Party to fund a seaside trip to the underprivileged children and Trevor will be the party's main attraction. Edward was very excited and decided he could help too, but he also tells Trevor that he wouldn't be useful at a Garden party without rails. On a beautiful day, Edward felt so worried, thinking of what he could do at a garden party. He wishes he could also be very helpful like Trevor. His driver replies that he is helpful in his own way, on the Fat Controller's railway.

The next day, it was Trevor's turn to look worried, and so he explains to Edward that the Vicar has been so busy and did not get time to put posters up. But Edward found a solution to solve the problem by having the Vicar display the posters on him and his coaches to tell the guests wherever he is going. The driver gave the idea to the Fat Controller who agrees. Sure enough, many people became attracted and decided that they should attend Vicar's Garden Party.

Later that afternoon, Trevor was resting in the orchard shed. Bertie arrives and teases Trevor about his advanced age and announces that he will also be at the garden party bringing more guests there.



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