Edward the Very Useful Engine

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December 11 2016

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Edward the Very Useful Engine is the fifteenth episode of the twenty-second season.


Gordon felt so embarassed and says that Edward is a very old and useless engine. He thinks that Edward should retire. Henry and James agreed with him, but Percy felt so concerned about this. He tells his driver and The Fat Controller about this, and The Fat Controller decided to attend the matter immediately.

The Fat Controller asks Edward to teach Stepney how to run a new loop line. Edward felt so happy about this, but was wondering who will look after the trucks. The Fat Controller has said to Edward that Duck will do his work. Henry feels so happy about this and says that Duck is a very useful engine, but it makes no difference to Gordon. Edward enjoyed working with Stepney and soon, they both had good times working together. But Duck was feeling very unhappy, because he didn't enjoy pulling the trucks. The trucks starts teasing him and asks him to hold back, especially when they approached Gordon's hill. Duck was stuck on the hill, and so his driver phoned for help, but it was too late to switch Gordon to the middle line, opposite to where Duck was, so the guard flagged him down. Gordon passed by and tried to push Duck up the hill, but it was no good.

Gordon's crew then sent for Edward to come and help Duck and Gordon up the hill. Edward felt so pleased for this, because he was going to be the back engine for two trains. As Edward approached Gordon's hill, he pushes Duck and Gordon, and then together they all went up the hill and back to the station. The Fat Controller felt so cross and tells Gordon off for saying rude things about Edward who has proven to be responsible, reliable and very helpful, and Gordon felt so ashamed of himself. The The next day, Gordon apologises to Edward and tells him that he really is a useful engine. Now, there is no more talk about Edward retiring.


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