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Release Date

February 15 2013

Railway Series Book

Duke the Lost Engine

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Toad Stands By

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Peter Sam and the Refreshment Lady

Granpuff is the eighth episode of the eighth season.


Once upon a time, there were 3 young engines who lives in their own railway. Their names are Duke Stuart and Falcon. Duke was very proud, that he has decided to keep the little engines in order. Whenever the other engines comes and goes, Duke outlasts them all. Stuart and Falcon teases Duke and calls him Granpuff, because they like Duke. But they get tired of hearing too much about his grace.

Duke warns Stuart and Falcon that if they do not behave well, then they would end up like Stanley (No.2). The young engines felt so curious about Stanley, so Duke told them all about Stanley. Stanley is a No.2 American and Cocky Engine and he was also a conceited engine that rolls roughly and comes off the rails. Duke warns Stanley to be careful, but Stanley ignores him and just laughed. Later on, when the Manager took Stanley's wheels away and says he was going to make him useful at last, Stanley quickly stops laughing and then gets converted into a pumping engine. He was still behind Duke's shed and never rolls on the rails again.

After that, Stuart and Falcon behaved better and all three became good friends for years. However, this all ended when hard times came. The mines that the engines depended on for work closed and the railway soon followed. As a result, the engines were all put up for sale. Stuart and Falcon were bought together, but no one wanted to buy an old engine like Duke. Stuart and Falcon promised Granpuff that they would find another railway for him to run on.





Granpuff Adaptation

Granpuff Adaptation

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