Henry and the Elephant



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November 19 2013

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Troublesome Engines

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Henry and the Elephant is the eight episode of the tenth season.


Life has been so harder for Gordon, Henry and James since Thomas has left the yard to run his branchline. They missed him very much and with no tank engine for them, they had to shunt in the sidings and fetch their own coaches which made them very cross. But when there was a circus happening, they all felt very happy and they enjoyed pulling the circus train. After the circus was over, Henry has been asked to investigate a blockage in the tunnel. When they reached the tunnel, the workmen went inside. Then the workmen got outside when the blockage has been to be an elephant that has escaped from the circus. The workmen gave the elephant some cakes, sandwiches and a water. As the elephant drank three buckets of water, Henry unluckily let off steam, which made the elephant squirt the water all over Henry's face. Henry felt so sad about it. Then the elephant has been taken away by the keeper, but Henry felt so upset that an elephant hooshed him. Back at the sheds, he told Gordon and James all about it. They felt so sad and sorry about it.




The Railway Series - Henry & the Elephant

The Railway Series - Henry & the Elephant

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