Home At Last is the seventh episode of the sixth season.

Home At Last

Release Date

July 12 2012

Railway Series Book

The Little Old Engines

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Peter Sam was resting in a shed. He was getting over his accidents with the trucks and decided to do some work again. But The Fat Controller says that Peter Sam needs another rest, so he has arranged Skarloey as a surprise for Peter Sam. Skarloey was brought by Rusty, after he has been to the works to be mended from the accident.

Peter Sam was very pleased to see Skarloey and told him all about how kind Rusty has been for helping him from the trucks and also about a rude, rocking and rolling engine called Duncan who has arrived to the railway. Skarloey's driver has discovered minutes later, that Duncan has just gotten stuck in the tunnel.

Skarloey enjoys the journey and arrives to find Duncan, who was stuck at the very far end of the tunnel. Duncan was very cross and complains about the tunnel to his driver, who is cross of him doing Rock 'n' Roll in the tunnel. After leaving some workmen behind to fix the tunnel, he helps Duncan home.

That evening, The Fat Controller reprimands Duncan and explains to him that the tunnel has never had problems and not to get stuck in it again, and threatens to 'cut his cab and funnel' as a punishment, if he misbehaves again. The Fat Controller is only joking but the threat is enough to make Duncan behave better.





The Railway Series - Home A Last

The Railway Series - Home A Last

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