It's Only Snow

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December 25 2014

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It's Only Snow is the seventh episode of the fourteenth season.


It was winter on the Island of Sodor, and it was a very snowy weather. The engines did not mind, because they had good times in the winter, especially when the stations are very festive with decorations. There is plenty of work with passengers and parcels to be delivered, no matter the weather. At Knapford, Edward tells the others that driver says that there are more snow on the way, James in his angry mood says that they will soon be wearing snowploughs. Henry in a very excited mood asks Thomas whether he will be enjoying it, but Thomas crossly tells Henry that he would never enjoy it, because he dislikes wearing his snowplough. Then he sets off crossly out of the station.

During the night time, the wind blew and snow fell heavily. The next day, The Fat Controller came to the sheds and tells the engines that they must have their snowplough fitted. He then asks Thomas to take a Christmas Tree to the village with Toby. Thomas felt so exited about his special, but not about his snowplough, and so he asks The Fat Controller whether he has to wear it, since the snowplogh is very uncomfortable for Thomas. But The Fat Controller assures that everyone will need to wear their snowploughs. Thomas felt so angry that the fitters and his driver tries to get the snowploughs fitted on Thomas, but they did not get it right on place, and so when they had to try it again Thomas says that the snowplough is a very big and a horrid thing. But once he has got his snowplough fitted, he was very happy when he was carrying the flat truck with a Christmas tree for the village feast. Edward tells him that the trees are to have a special light and that they must be delivered safely to Toby. Thomas agrees with what Edward says and then he sets off. On the way, he stopped to see Toby, who was standing on the siding. Toby felt pleased to see that Thomas is carrying the tree and having his snowplough fitted. And then they went off to Maithwaite together. But on the way, Thomas didn't notice that there was a rock on the track which was buried under the snow. Suddenly the snowplough hits the rock, flies off to the side and then destroys the water tower, and then Thomas came to a complete stop. His driver was worried because he was thinking that they can't carry on and there is no one to rescue them, but Thomas tells his driver that the villagers needs the Christmas tree. So when he starts off, Thomas tries to clear the snow away without his snowplough and was determined to be on time. When Thomas reaches Maithwaite, the villagers were very pleased when they saw the Christmas tree.



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