James and the Top-Hat


James and the Coaches

Release Date

October 10 2012

Railway Series Book

James the Red Engine

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James and the Top Hat is the sixth episode of the seventh season.


James is settling in his new life nicely, just after he has had a nasty accident with trucks. The Fat Controller tells James that he is a Special Mixed-Traffic Engine with a proper brakes and shiny red paint. Today, James was to pull coaches and Edward is going to help him. James can still remember his accident.

When James was taking the coaches to the platform, Edward warned James that the coaches does not like being bumped. People arrived on the platform to admire James, who quickly gets full of himself and lets off steam without warning causing a shower of water to fall on the Fat Controller's brand new top hat. It is time for the train to leave and James tries to get out as fast as he can which angers Edward and the coaches. Edward did not like hurrying and the coaches warns James not to go fast. But James ignored them. This causes trouble at the first station stop when James makes two of the coaches to run beyond the platform. They then had to reverse the train to let off the passengers. However, it seems that no one knows what happened with the Fat Controller's top-hat, although James feels much happier.




  • Stock footage from Triple Header has been used.
  • In the scene which Edward told James about how he pushed Gordon and his train up the hill, will later on be used for Edward and Gordon.


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