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January 5 2014

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Leaves is the sixth episode of the eleventh season.


One day, Gordon was being washed, after he has fallen in the muddy ditch last night. After Gordon was being cleaned, the Fat Controller became very stern with Gordon and tells him that he will not be pulling anymore coaches until he becomes Really Useful, so Gordon had to pull trucks. James had to take the express instead. Gordon warned James that the hills are very slippery and that he need help on hills. But James just ignored Gordon and thinks he is very capable.

Earlier, a storm has swept across Gordon's Hill, blowing leaves onto the tracks. After the storm was over, James began to go faster and tries hard to climb the hill. When James was halfway up the hill, he wasn't so sure. His wheels began to slip on the leaves and he couldn't move forward. So then he rolled back down the hill and stopped at where Gordon is. Gordon has seen everything and helps James up the hill. When they got up to the top, James thanked Gordon for helping him and said "goodbye". Then Gordon answered him back and waited for the express to leave until they are out of site, then slowly he went back for his waiting trucks.




The Railway Stories - Leaves

The Railway Stories - Leaves

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