Make Someone Happy

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December 19 2015

Railway Series Book

Make Someone Happy (Book)

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Make Someone Happy is the thirteenth episode of the seventeenth season.


One day, James felt so cross because he was asked to do boring job of pulling trucks instead of coaches, and thinks that Percy and Oliver should do it instead because they are not as important as James. Thomas tells James to think of other things as well, but James thinks being important is the only thing he should talk about. Later, at Tidmouth Halt, Percy and Oliver saw Tiger Moth the Biplane flying by, holding the banner saying VISIT HARRY TOPPERS FAIR AT TIDMOUTH BAY. When Thomas came, Oliver and Percy has told him that The Fat Controller was wanting them to pull trucks filled with specials for the fair.

When James was shunting messy coal trucks, he has discovered Mrs Kyndley feeling sad because her sister couldn't visit her. The Fat Controller has heard all about it, and so he sends Harold to pick Mrs Kyndley up and give her a ride around the island and James felt so happy about this. Mrs Kyndley felt so happy when she was riding in Harold. Percy and Oliver was at the docks waiting excitedly while Cranky was unloading a special for the fair. The special load was the wooden horses for the fair. Oliver and Percy felt very excited. James was also very excited because the Fat Controller has asked him to leave the messy trucks and start pulling coaches and take Mrs Kyndley on a mystery tour. When Mrs Kyndley and Mrs. Kyndley is delighted when she gets to open the seaside fair.

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