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Mike's Whistle is the fifth episode of the eighth season.


Rex and Bert are two small engines on Sodor that work on the miniature railway near Arlesburgh with Mike. He is proud of his red paint, but can get grumpy and doesn’t like pulling coaches and passengers. One morning, Thomas is laughing and explains to Rex that Duck’s driver boiled an egg on his whistle resulting in Duck’s whistle making a high pitched sound. When Duck arrives, Rex is surprised to hear that he has never heard an engines whistle boiled. When Duck and Thomas leave, Mike thinks that engines can’t whistle properly because they shouldn’t. Bert and Rex tease Mike, but he doesn’t laugh because whistles are important. Fergus Duncan hears that Mike is overheating again and decides to let Bert take over for him, while Mike takes his passengers. He is still angry when he arrives and when he leaves, Mike surprises Rex but Rex is feeling angry, thinking it is not funny. Mike blows his at everything he sees and when he is being checked on the turntable, his driver can’t figure out what is wrong with him. Mike says that he is fine and tells his driver to not think about cooking an egg on his whistle. His driver agrees. When Mike is taking his passengers again, his driver hears a funny rattling noise, but Mike refuses to have it checked until they get back. There is a cow on the line, busy eating grass. Mike tries to shoo her away and gets cross and whistles so hard, his whistle cap flies off like a rocket and out of sight. His driver and guard try to find the whistle cap, however the passengers are impatient and can’t wait because they would be late. However, the passengers whistle and the cow moves off. Mike is left feeling embarrassed without his whistle cap and the passengers whistle better than him. When Mike returns with a new whistle cap, Duck asks if he got stuck in a traffic jam, but Mike said he instead got stuck behind a cow. When Duck leaves, Rex calls Mike an improper engine, prompting Bert and Thomas to join in the teasing. It continues until Bert and Rex start laughing, but Mike is feeling hot-headed and should have not lost his whistle cap in the first place, but he is finally able to have a laugh at his own expense.


  • Rex
  • Mike
  • Bert
  • Thomas
  • Duck 
  • Oliver (indirectly mentioned)
  • Toad (mistakenly mentioned)
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