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October 25 2013

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Mind That Bike is the fifth episode of the tenth season.


Tom Tipper is the local postman who takes mail from Thomas and Percy's post trains to deliver residents to Sodor. One night, Thomas and Percy has met Tom at Callan, saying that he is very friendly and useful. Tom felt so pleased but he knew he could never do his job without his trusty post van.

One morning, Tom was away, feeling ill and his replacement who was forced to ride the bicycle has left the unloaded mail bags without saying a word. Percy's driver attributes his bad mood to having to use the bike. But when Tom returned back to the station, Percy could see that he was given a bicycle because the van was very expensive to maintain. Because of this, Tom did not have time to help load Percy's mail train, which makes him even more upset. Percy was thinking of how to cheer Tom up, but didn't know how.

Just as Tom was leaving the station, the man called him up to tell him that he has to go to The Fat Controller's office for an important job of signing the papers. Tom knew he was late, so he rushed back to the platform, left his bike propped up against Percy's mail train and started away. Percy has tried to stop Tom, but Tom was out of sight. His driver was unaware of this and as Percy starts to leave, the bike has fallen onto the line and was destroyed beneath the vans. Everyone was very shocked to see that Tom's bicycle was broken into pieces.

When Tom has returned, Percy felt so ashamed of himself and apologises to Tom for damaging his bicycle, and Tom has assured that it wasn't Percy's fault, but he was so worried that he would now have to deliver all the mail on foot. When Percy came back to the station, he was very pleased to see that Tom has got a new van. After learning about what has happened, Tom explains to Percy that the postmaster has decided that the van was worth the expense after all, which means it is much better than a bike. Tom then cheerfully went back to work. Percy is delighted that he was able to help his friend after all, albeit by accident.





Mind That Bike Adaptation

Mind That Bike Adaptation

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