Mrs. Kyndley's Christmas

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December 25 2013

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Mrs. Kyndley's Christmas is the fifth episode of the eleventh season.


It was nearly christmas on Sodor, and Thomas worked very hard pulling Annie and Clarabel, who was packed full of people and parcels. As Thomas was climbing the hill, se suddenly saw a cottage with a hankerchief waving from the window and felt better at one as he went inside the tunnel and rested in the station. Mrs Kyndley was in the cottage resting inside the bed, due to her illness. Thomas feels very sorry for her, and the engines have their heavy loads to carry for Christmas time, but Thomas and Toby doesn't mind when they see Mrs Kyndley waving.

Then, it started raining, and Thomas's driver advises him that he has to pull ard and get back home quickly, because Mrs Kyndley isn't waving. But no matter whether she waves or not, Thomas always whistles as he goes past the cottage. The white wall of the cottage stood out against the dark background of the hills





The Railway Stories - Mrs Kyndley's Christmas

The Railway Stories - Mrs Kyndley's Christmas

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