Passengers and Polish


Thomas Wooden Remake. 222

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December 7 2011

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Gallant Old Engine

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Passengers and Polish is the eighth episode of the fourth season.


Nancy the Guard's daughter was polishing Skarloey, and was also reminding him that Rheneas is coming home tomorrow. Skarloey asks Nancy to polish him again, so Nancy laughed and gave Skarloey another polish. When Duncan came, he asks Nancy if he could get a polish too. But Nancy didn't have time, because she has to help the Refreshment Lady get the ice lollies ready for the passengers on Skarloey's two o'çlock train, but promises that she will give Duncan a good polish tomorrow. Duncan is very cross and complains about Peter Sam getting a special funnel, Sir Handel getting special wheels and passengers getting refreshments while he does not even get polished.

That afternoon, his driver told Duncan that one of Skarloey's coaches has come off the rails and they have to take the workmen to clear the mess. Duncan became sulky about all the extra work and thinks that it wears an engine out. His driver told him strictly to go, and so Duncan listens and brings the workmen to put the coaches back on the rails, then he has to take the rear coaches and the passengers home. Duncan sulked all the way and makes the journey very difficult, he was short of steam, so his driver has to stop him to build up steam, but he wouldn't try. His driver reminds Duncan that he can't keep the passengers wanting for too long. Duncan gets cross with his driver, thinking that his driver does not care more about him. He also complains that he is never getting polished and he is overworked and won't stand it. Finally, he started off and as he reaches the viaduct, his driver orders him to make one more effort, but Duncan became very rude and stops on a viaduct. He refuses to go on and stays put. Skarloey, then came down from the Top Station to bring Duncan and the passengers home. When they reach the station, the angry passengers burst out of the train, telling everyone what a bad railway it is.

That evening, the Thin Controller scolds Duncan, telling him that "no passengers means no polish." But Duncan still stayed sulky and says to himself that "no polish means no passengers," in an obstant voice.





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The Railway Series - Passengers And Polish

The Railway Series - Passengers And Polish

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