Percy and the Trousers



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July 29 2011

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Henry the Green Engine

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Percy and the Trousers is the ninth episode of the third season.


One cold morning, Percy saw lots of people wearing scarves. He complains to Henry that his funnel is cold and he wanted a scarf. Henry tells Percy that engines don't want scarves, but Percy retorts to Henry that he can't because his funnel is too small. Then, Henry became very furious at being insulted, but Percy puffs away before Henry can answer, leaving the bigger engine to scoff it off as he gets ready to pull the special train.

At the station, it is time for photographs and the Fat Controller is waiting impatiently for his trouser as they are in one of the trunks, which are being carried on a baggage trolley across the line. Two porters that are pulling the trolley backwards are trying to make sure that nothing fells off so they don't see what is coming. Percy, who is still feeling cheeky, arrives at the station and his driver shuts of steam, just outside the station as usual. Percy decided to surprise the coaches by coming in as quietly as he could, but the porter didn't hear him either. Percy didn't stop until it was too late, then he crushed the trolley and sent the luggage and the crate of jam flying into the air. The jam ended up splattering across Percy, the passengers and the Fat Controller. The Fat Controller's hat laded on Percy's lamp iron and worst of all, his best trouser ended up wrapping around Percy's funnel. They are no longer grey.

Everyone felt angry and the Fat Controller took his hat from the lamp iron and punished Percy for spoiling his best trouser. He tells Percy that they'll have to pay the passengers for their ruined clothes and warns him not to play grandmother steps on the coaches again. Then he waved his trouser away. Percy was wanting to wear a scarf, so the Fat Controller decided that Percy should have his trouser as a scarf, which will keep his funnel warm. Percy wore them back to the station and he didn't like scarves now.





The Railway Stories - Percy and the Trousers

The Railway Stories - Percy and the Trousers

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