Percy the Put Upon Engine

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November 26 2014

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Percy the Put Upon Engine is the second episode of the fourteenth season.


One morning, Percy puffs into the yard, feeling "put upon". He then complains to Thomas about it, who firstly fellt so confused what Percy meant by being "put upon", but then realised that it is a silly saying. However, Annie and Clarabel liked it, and so when Thomas sets off, they sang a song about it and Percy did agree that he is being put upon. Later on, he did a lot of hard work; collecting metal from the foundary, coal from the yards, flour from the mills, rock from the quarries, and fuel to the depot. Then he delivered all of them to the Docks. As Percy was collecting empty trucks, the trucks teased him and said that they wanted Thomas and Duck, but Percy just ignored them and sets off with some empty trucks. When Percy got back to the sheds at night, he felt very exhausted, and all the other engines laughed at him and Thomas says that he will see what Percy has been put upon. However The Fat Controller tells Percy that he should have a good night rest, after doing a lot of good day's work.

The next day, Percy returns back to work, bringing the trucks to the coal mine. When he gets to the mineshaft, the foreman explains to Percy's driver that S.C. Ruffey and the troublesome trucks are stuck in the piece of mining equipment and that they need a good shove, and so Percy puffs back to the large canvas barrier that is used to protect the track from loose rocks, and then he moves forward and charges and the trucks. After Percy has pushed the trucks into the mine, the trucks broke free, but disappeared into a mine. Then S.C. Ruffey and the trucks ran out of control and deraild and crashed into a support beam, which causes the mine to collapse. The mine was starting to evacuate, but Percy was too late to get back to safety and tries to make a run for it. The avalaunch has caused the rock sliding down the barrier and the tracks which Percy was on is starting to crumble. Then, he has noticed that there was canvas barrier by the tracks and thinks it would save him, and at last they stopped. But more rocks slide down the hill and buried Percy under the rubble.

Percy was right, because the canvas did save him and his crew were okay, but the miners didn't realise it until they immediately set for a rescue. Thomas and Duck arrived with the breakdown train to recue Percy, after which Sir Topham Hatt rewards Percy to be cleaned and repainted at the works.



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