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October 19 2014

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Percy the Small Engine

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Percy and Harold is the ninth episode of the thirteenth season.

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Percy is now working at the new harbour on Thomas's branchline. He often fetches trucks and even though he works hard, he stills has his interest in his new job and prefers branch line work of shunting for the mainline engines at the big station. Along the branchline was an airfield, and Percy hears the planes flying overhead, but the noise was the helicopter. Percy gets very cross and thinks that helicopter should buzz somewhere else.

As Percy went to the airfield, he stopped to meet the helicopter as they both introduced themselves to each other. The helicopter's name was Harold, who boasts to Percy that he could hover like a bird, but Percy says that he is keen to run on rails. Harold tells Percy that railways are slow and out of date, and then he took off. As Percy arrived at the quarry, he complained to Toby all about Harold, and also about what he has said to Percy. Afterwards, he collects the trucks and heads back to the harbour.

On the way back to the harbour, Percy and his crew heard Harold's unmistakable buzzing, and decided that they could have a race with him. Percy has never been allowed to go faster before, but as he saw Harold, Percy starts to speed up. The trucks orders Percy to slow down and stop, but it was no use, because Percy's wheels went faster and faster. But as he approaches the harbour wharf, they had to slow down and as they stopped, Percy felt so sad and thought that he has lost the race, but when the fireman climbed on the cab roof, he saw Harold finding a place to land.

In celebration of Percy's victory, the fireman sings a song about the race, which Percy loves, especially the last line.

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Percy and Harold

Percy and Harold

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