Puff Puff Pastry

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August 30 2015

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Puff Puff Pastry (book)

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Puff Puff Pastry is the twelfth episode of sixteen season.


Percy had a lot of dirty work to do. But he likes to be shiny and clean like the other engines. As Percy arrives to the washdown, The Fat Controller warns the engines that due to a water shortage, all engines can only have one wash per day and that usefulness comes before cleanliness. This upsets Percy so much, as he was thinking that Gordon is having a washdown because he is a very important express engine and James teases Percy that he is a pouty puffer. Percy just ignores them and went back to work.

Percy was shunting trucks at the coaling plant, determined not to get dirty. But the trucks tricked Percy by pulling him right under the coal hopper and coal dust poured all over Percy. He was feeling very awful and filthy, but he knew he had to carry on. One their way to Callan station, the trucks teased Percy by singing rude song to him. Percy dislikes it when they make fun of him, and so he angrily tells them to stop it.

Once Percy reached Callan station, he shunts his trucks into the siding, alongside Harold who is unloading medical supplies. Harold then took off spreading cinders and ashes all over Percy, who demands that he wants a washdown. But his driver reminded him that usefulness comes before cleanliness. Percy felt very upset, saying that he can only be useful if he is not dirty. The driver suggests that Percy could take the van of sugar to the chocolate factory, so Percy felt very happy because taking sugar to the chocolate factory is a very clean job. So he collected the trucks of sugar and went off to the chocolate factory.

On the way to the chocolate factory, Percy wasn't aware that a leaking fuel trucks has spilt the oil on the tracks in the siding. When Percy approached the chocolate factory, his crew put on the brakes, but Percy slipped on the oily rails and then crashed into the wall of the chocolate factory. He went across the factory and out the other end. After Percy came out of the chocolate factory on the other end, he was covered into a sticky gooey chocolate.

When Duck brings Percy back to the sheds after he was rescued from the chocolate factory, Thomas, James and Henry started teasing him by saying how chocolatey he is, but Gordon felt very cross and thinks it is nonsense. The Fat Controller came into the shed and knew that Percy has done a lot of hard work, despiting his problems and his accident; and as he now proved that usefulness comes before cleanliness, Percy was now very pleased that he was rewarded with a washdown and a new coat of paint.



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