Puffa, also known as Marklin, was an off-the-shelf Gauge 1 model used to haul rolling stock in the background

for creating the illusion of business. It is a German Federal Railways 80 class 0-6-0 tank engine first produced by the German model railway maker Märklin in 1971. He works on the Dock Railway with the goods engine in Bigg City Port.

Biography Edit

Thomas The Railway Series Edit

Puffa appeared on screen in The Flying Kipper in the background shunting and preparing the Flying Kipper for Henry to take away. Puffa also appeared in Off the Rails and was used as one of the tarped workshop engines in Trouble in the Shed.

Trivia Edit

  • He is a character from TUGS.
  • He is similar to Rosie.
  • Puffa is one of Percy's workshop friends.
  • Puffa didn't have a speaking role in any episode.
  • He is a background character like Butch.
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