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Oliver Owns Up is the fourth episode of the sixth season.


Oliver is still new to Sodor and he is grateful to Duck how Douglas saved him from The Other Railway.That night,Henry,James,and Gordon praise Oliver.Percy is confused as to what the word “sagacity” is.Thomas explains that “sagacity” means about being clever and wise.Oliver has never been praised by big engines before and soon becomes puffed up in the smokebox.One day,after pulling some coaches to Tidmouth,Sir Topham Hatt tells Oliver that he is doing well and that now he must learn how to look after freight cars.Every wise engine knows that you can’t trust freight cars.Everybody tries to warn Oliver,but he takes no notice.Duck tries to tell Oliver that cars can be troublesome,but Donald suggests that Oliver should just learn for himself.After Oliver pulls the empty cars to the siding and pushes the empty trucks to the chute,he comes back to take the loaded cars away.But they are comfortable and do not want Oliver,preferring Duck or one of the Scottish twins instead.Oliver bosses the trucks about and takes them away.But the trucks decide to show Oliver who’s boss by forcing him down the tracks.Oliver does not hear anything since the cars are moving smoothly but Oliver realizes that they are pushing him forward.The trucks push Oliver bunker-first in the turntable well.Duck is very concerned about the predicament,as Donald and Douglas will now have to work without the use of the turntable.That night,Oliver is hauled gently to safety and apologizes to Sir Topham Hatt about Duck giving him advice.Sir Topham Hatt tells Oliver that he knows how the damage cars can do.Oliver agrees and Sir Topham Hatt sends him to the works to be mended.Duck feels sorry for Oliver and tells him by saying that the branch line will not be the same without him and tells Oliver to come back soon.A few days later,Oliver returns home a wiser engine and knows how to handle trucks and never makes a mistake again.



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The Railway Stories - Resource & Sagacity

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