Rock 'n' Roll is the fourth episode of the eleventh season


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December 23 2013

Railway Series Book

The Little Old Engine

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One morning, Skarloey meets Rusty and tells him that the railway was different, since he left to the works to be mended. Rusty laughs and explains to Skarloey that he and the manager planned it to give Skarloey a surprise upon his return. Later he warns Skarloey that there is one damaged piece of line just outside the first station. They felt very worried that an engine like Duncan might come off that line, with the habit of "rock 'n' roll". When Duncan arrived, he says that he is a plain-speaking engine, and Rusty attempts to warn him about the damage piece of the line, but Duncan just ignored Rusty and went off and thinks that he doesn't need an insulting diesel like Rusty to tell him what to do.

Duncan collected some coaches from the yards and sets off to the station, where James was waiting for him. James was telling Duncan that he was late and Duncan tells him all about how Rusty teaches him how to stay on the rails and left him to find his coaches. James then tells Duncan all about the time that how Diesel crept into his yard and ordered him and the other engines, and that he supposedly sent him packing. Duncan was filled with admiration, and was unaware that James boasts and sometimes lies. When Duncan left the station, he felt very happy and thinks that Rusty should be sent packing. But then he became very cross when he climbs the hill, and when they were near the first station, Duncan felt very happy again as he rocks and rolls along the line. As he approaches the damaged piece of the rail, Duncan's driver ordered him to steady, but he then derails after doing rock 'n' roll and felt very cross.

After Rusty has heard all about Duncan, he tells Skarloey that Duncan calls him rude names, and Mr Hugh tries to tell Rusty to move. But Rusty refuses to go until Skarloey reminds him that the passengers will be stranded otherwise. Rusty realised and thought that he must go and help the passenger, and so he sets off to find Duncan. After Rusty found Duncan, Duncan felt so sad for his silly action, and the passengers came out of the coaches to help the workmen put Duncan back on the rails. For the rest of the day, Duncan was extra careful. At last, he apologises to Rusty for being rude and asks if they can be friends. Rusty agrees and promises to mend the damaged line tomorrow.




The Railway Series - Rock 'n' Roll

The Railway Series - Rock 'n' Roll

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