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February 21 2014

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Edward The Blue Engine

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Saved from Scrap is the tenth episode of the eleventh season.


When Edward came to the scrapyards, a big surprise awaited him, which was a traction engine named "Trevor". Trevor felt so sad and tells Edward that he is due to be broken up for the following week, which makes Edward feel so shocked. Trevor then explains to Edward that his driver says that he needs paint polish and oil to be as good and new, but his master says that he is old-fashioned. Edward felt so cross as he gets told the same thing, but he knows that he is really useful. Trevor then tells Edward about his old lofe; he would travel from farm to farm doing various jobs like threshing corn, hauling logs and giving children rides. Then he was dreaming about how the children is very happy to see him come. Edward felt so upset when he sets off to the station, thinking of a solution for how to save Trevor. He was also thinking of people that likes engines, but strangely no one would have a room for a traction engine at home.

At Wellsworth, the Vicar could see that Edward was upset, and so he asks the driver what has happened. Edward and his driver has told Vicar all about Trevor, and was trying to find out how they could save him, and so the Vicar promised that he would go for a look. One Saturday morning, Jem Cole tells Trevor that the Vicar is going to save him and give him a new coat of paint and a good polish in preparation. Then the Vicar and the two boys arrived in the evening, and Trevor starts riding them around the yards feeling happier than ever. Afterwards, the Vicar came out of the office and tells Jem Cole that he has berought Trevor for cheap, and Jem Cole tells Trevor that he is saved and ready to live at the vicarage orchard, which makes Trevor feel very happy.

Now Trevor lives at the Vicarage orchard which is close to the line, so that he can see Edward puff by. His paint was spotless and his brass shone gold. Trevor enjoys his new work, but his favourite day was the year of Church Fete, when he has a wooden seat bolted to his bunker and gives rides to children.

Afterwards, he is seen lying asleep thinking about the wonderful day he has had and the children he met.


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The Railway Series - Saved from Scrap

The Railway Series - Saved from Scrap


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