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Christopher Awdry and Reverend W. Awdry

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Screenshot Episode title Release date Episode number #
Smokescreen33 Smokescreen March 25th 2009 #01
Gordon sneezes at Wellsworth station and spoils wedding guests' clothes
MavisandtheLorry24 Mavis and the Lorry March 25th 2009 #02
A lorry that is new to the Island, crashes into Mavis.
Toby'sSeasideHoliday28 Toby's Seaside Holiday March 25th 2009 #03
Toby takes a holiday for a change.
GordonProveshisPoint35 Gordon Proves his Point April 8th 2009 #04
Gordon comes back from the Works, and Pip and Emma come to Sodor.
Crossed Lines April 13th 2009 #05
James makes fun of Diesels, but regrets it after he goes two ways and crashes down a signal.
FireEscape10 Fire Escape July 19th 2009 #06
Gordon nearly gets in trouble when his fire gets smaller.
High-SpeedGordon16 High-Speed Gordon July 25th 2009 #07
Gordon gets jealous when Donald talks about high-speed trains, but slips on the rails.
OldStuckUp16 Old Stuck Up July 25th 2009 #08
James calls a diesel "Old Stuck Up", and Old Stuck Up crashes into a wall.
FireEngine35 Fire Engine November 20th 2009 #09
Henry teases James for being red like a fire engine, but becomes a fire engine himself when his tender coulping breaks.
DripTank32 Drip Tank November 25th 2009 #10
Thomas calls Percy a "drip" but when he needs Percy's help, he apoligises.



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