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Britt Allcroft and thebladezmanll

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Screenshot Episode title Release date Episode number #
DuncanGetsSpooked27 Duncan's Ghost Train October 2nd 2013 #01
Duncan gets teased about being afraid of the ghost from the Old Iron Bridge.
DowntheMine45 Down the Mine October 7th 2013 #02
Thomas fells down the mine, just after he teased Gordon about the time that he had fallen in the ditch.
Percy'sPromise28 Percy's Promise October 10th 2013 #03
Percy travels through the terrible storm and he keeps his promise to take the children home safely.
TendersforHenry26 Tenders for Henry October 17th 2013 #04
Henry thinks he works hard enough for more tenders and his excitment gets the better of him when Duck offers him six new tenders.
MindthatBike18 Mind That Bike October 25th 2013 #05
Tom Tipper the postman is unhappy when his post van is replaced by a bicycle, and Percy helps him out, but not in the way he intended.
Double Header November 4th 2013 #06
James does Gordon's work, but is being humble after he had to push Toby to the Works Station.
Thomas Goes Fishing November 13th 2013 #07
Thomas wants to go fishing. But everyone says that engines don't go fishing.
HenryandtheElephant67 Henry and the Elephant November 19th 2013 #08
After a circus leaves, Henry discovers an elephant in a tunnel.
TheFatController'sEngines54 The Fat Controller's Engines November 25th 2013 #09
The Fat Controller's Engines are going to England,
SpecialFunnel57 Special Funnel November 25th 2013 #10
Peter Sam's funnel has been knocked by an icicle from the tunnel roof and now has been converted into a drain.
Thomas Comes to Breakfast December 5th 2013 #11
Thomas crashes into the dining room of the Ffarquhar stationmaster's house and given him and his family a very nasty surprise.
BowledOut12 Bowled Out December 5th 2013 #12
A stuck-up diesel makes a fool of himself, and Duck and Stepney save the day.
Train Stops Play December 9th 2013 #13
Stepney "catches" a cricket ball in a truck, prompting a chase along the branch line.
Better Late Than Never December 13th 2013 #14
Thomas got held up by the viaduct being repaired and so Bertie teases Thomas about being late, until he breaks down.
Percy and the Signal December 19th 2013 #15
Percy plays tricks on James and Gordon but decided to stay away for a while to get himself out of trouble. But when he is asked to take a train to Knapford he gets careless and for revenge, James and Gordon trick Percy into misreading a signal.


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