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Britt Allcroft and thebladezmanll

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Screenshot Episode title Release date Episode number #
Thomas, Percy and the Coal December 19th 2013 #01
Thomas blames on Percy for getting his blue paint dirty on purpose.
Mavis35 Mavis December 22nd 2013 #02
Mavis refuses to listen to Toby's advice.
Buzz,Buzz67 Buzz, Buzz December 22nd 2013 #03
James gets stung by a bee.
Rock'n'Roll46 Rock 'n' Roll December 23rd 2013 #04
Duncan becomes rude to Rusty and goes Rock 'n' rolling along the line and then derails.
Mrs.Kyndley'sChristmas6 Mrs. Kyndley's Christmas December 25th 2013 #05
Thomas and Toby discovers that Mrs Kyndley is felling ill on the Christmas day.
TheSadStoryOfHenry1.4 Leaves January 5th 2014 #06
James discovers that Gordon's hill is very slippery and the leaves are on the rails. So Gordon had to push James and the express up the hill.
PercyTakesthePlunge33 Percy Takes the Plunge January 22nd 2014 #07
Percy was trying to find out why he wasn't allowed to pass the DANGER sign. But the he falls in the sea.
Cows8 Cows February 4th 2014 #08
Gordon and Henry teases Edward about how he has let the cows break Edward's train of trucks.
Bertie'sChase14 Bertie's Chase February 13th 2014 #09
Edward has forgotten that Bertie has Thomas's passengers.
SavedfromScrap8 Saved from Scrap February 21st 2014 #10
Edward meets and old traction engine called Trevor and tries hard to save him from scrap.
EdwardtheReallySplendidEngine2 Old Iron March 9th 2014 #11
James felt very cross with Edward, because Edward came late with the passenger train, but when the two boys fiddle with James control, Edward went to rescue James.
TrevorHelpsOut1 Trevor Helps Out March 15th 2014 #12
Trevor is feeling under the weather with some boiler trouble.
OldFaithful2 Old Faithful March 25th 2014 #13
Skarloey looks very crocked.
TripleHeader45 Percy Runs Away April 4th 2014 #14
Percy ran away from Gordon.
PaintPotsandQueens59 Paint Pots and Queens April 12th 2014 #15
Queen Elizabeth came to visit The Fat Controller and his engines.


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