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Thomas Wooden Remake. 222 and thebladezmanll

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Episodes Edit

Screenshot Episode title Release date Episode number #
EdwardandGordon83 Edward and Gordon January 10th 2016 #01
TripleHeader23 Gordon's Fire Service January 19th 2016 #02
BluebellsofEngland14 Bluebells of England January 25th 2016 #03
ResourceandSagacity26 Old Square Wheels February 4th 2016 #04
GeorgeMessesUp1 George Messes Up February 4th 2016 #05
Dunkin'Duncan5 Dunkin' Duncan February 9th 2016 #06
CrossedLines61 Percy Breaks the Rules February 16th 2016 #07
When James breaks down, Percy comes to the rescue with a goods train of fruit from Market Day, and he thinks they are "nothing-that should stop us" engines.
GordonProvesHisPoint8 The Banker February 19th 2016 #08
FireEngine5 James and Bertie February 23rd 2016 #09
Gordon'sWhistle25 Respect for Gordon March 3rd 2016 #10
TwinTrouble14 Twins Falling Apart March 6th 2016 #11
TrevorHelpsOut11 Vicarstown Garden Party March 8th 2016 #12
Thomas'Train12 Thomas' Train March 10th 2016 #13
Granpuff61 Albert's Ghost March 15th 2016 #14
BetterLateThanNever2 The Red Balloon March 18th 2016 #15
James and Thomas gets scared of a red balloon stealing their passengers and while the other engines have their own adventures.
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