Season 2

Adapted by

Jivio and thebladezmanll

Written by

Cristopher Awdry and Reverend W. Awdry

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This is about Season 2.


Screenshot Episode title Release date Episode number #
DeepFreeze11 Deep Freeze February 1st 2010 #01
James finally accepts diesels after being rescued by one.
SirHandelComesHome22 Sir Handel Comes Home February 5th 2010 #02
Sir Handel comes home and tells his story about the Talyllyn Railway.
TheMissingCoach31 The Missing Coach February 5th 2010 #03
Donald and Douglas try to trick Sir Topham Hatt.
ScrambledEggs29 Scrambled Eggs July 1st 2010 #04
Thomas is to heavy for the construction of a bridge, so he has to visit Edward, Bill, and Ben.
Toby'sMegatrain12 Toby's Megatrain July 1st 2010 #05
Toby is worried about going fishing like Thomas.
StopThief!21 Stop Thief! August 15th 2010 #06
Thomas chases some theives.
TripleHeader39 Triple Header September 25th 2010 #07
Gordon and Henry are ill, so Thomas, Percy, and Duck try to pull the Express.
Henry's Sneeze October 24th 2010 #08
Henry sneezes on some boys for payback for dropping stones on them.
PeterSam'sPricklyProblem18 Peter Sam's Prickly Problem December 2nd 2010 #09
Peter Sam gets covered in branches.
GordonGoesForeign32 Gordon Goes Foreign December 4th 2010 #10
Gordon wants to go to London and find the truth about a station.



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