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Episodes Edit

Screenshot Episode title Release date Episode number #
[[File:|150px|link="Devil's Back"]] "Devil's Back" October 23rd 2016 #01
[[File:|150px|link=Thomas Sets Sail]] Thomas Sets Sail October 27th 2016 #02
[[File:|150px|link=Thomas, James and the Fireworks]] Thomas, James and the Fireworks October 30th 2016 #03
[[File:|150px|link=The Picnic Express]] The Picnic Express November 3rd 2016 #04
[[File:|thumb|left|150px|150pxlink=Skarloey Braves On]] Skarloey Braves On November 9th 2016 #05
[[File:|150px|link=A Flagpole of Fun]] A Flagpole of Fun November 9th 2016 #06
[[File:|150px|link=Emily To the Rescue]] Emily To the Rescue November 12th 2016 #07
[[File:|150px|link=The Haunted Mine]] The Haunted Mine November 16th 2016 #08
[[File:|150px|link=Thomas and the Lazy Diesel]] Thomas and the Lazy Diesel November 24th 2016 #09
[[File:|150px|link=Thomas and Jeremy]] Thomas and Jeremy November 27th 2016 #10
[[File:|150px|link=A Muddled-Up Day for Thomas]] A Muddled-Up Day for Thomas December 2nd 2016 #11
[[File:|150px|link=The Poster Engine]] The Poster Engine December 5th 2016 #12
When James hears that Edward was chosen to be on a poster, he decides to prove that he can do everything Edward can, but better.
[[File:|150px|link=Edward's Overhaul]] Edward's Overhaul December 5th 2016 #13
[[File:|150px|link=Toys Early For Christmas]] Toys Early For Christmas December 11th 2016 #14
[[File:|150px|link=Edward the Very Useful Engine]] Edward the Very Useful Engine December 11th 2016 #15