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Episodes Edit

Screenshot Episode title Release date Episode number #
[[File:|150px|link=Thomas Saves the Day]] Thomas Saves the Day March 20th 2017 #01
[[File:|150px|link=Thomas and Trevor]] Thomas and Trevor March 24th 2017 #02
[[File:|150px|link=Twins To The Rescue]] Twins To The Rescue April 2nd 2017 #03
[[File:|150px|link=Percy Helps Out]] Percy Helps Out April 4th 2017 #04
[[File:|150px|link=On Site With Thomas]] On Site With Thomas April 8th 2017 #05
[[File:|150px|link=Thomas and the Broken Eggs]] Thomas and the Broken Eggs April 12th 2017 #06
[[File:|150px|link=Light Of The Night]] Light Of The Night April 16th 2017 #07
[[File:|150px|link=The Old Bridge]] The Old Bridge April 18th 2017 #08
[[File:|150px|link=Car Chase]] Car Chase April 21st 2017 #09
[[File:|150px|link=A Busy Day For Toby]] A Busy Day For Toby April 24th 2017 #10
[[File:|150px|link=James' Long Runs]] James' Long Runs April 30th 2017 #11
[[File:|150px|link=Faith in Henry]] Faith in Henry May 6th 2017 #12
Emily takes Annie and Clarabel by mistake without Thomas' permission.
[[File:|150px|link=Duncan Drops a Clanger]] Duncan Drops a Clanger May 14th 2017 #13
[[File:|150px|link=James in Cold Water]] James in Cold Water July 3rd 2017 #14
[[File:|150px|link=Sir Handel in Charge]] Sir Handel in Charge July 7th 2017 #15
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