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Thomas Wooden Remake. 222 and thebladezmanll

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Episodes Edit

Screenshot Episode title Release date Episode number #
[[File:|150px|link=Thomas' Trusty Friends]] Thomas' Trusty Friends July 9th 2017 #01
Percy'sScaryTale17 Percy's Scary Tale July 12th 2017 #02
[[File:|150px|link=Thomas and the Circus]] Thomas and the Circus July 15th 2017 #03
[[File:|150px|link=Rheneas and the Roller-Coaster]] Rheneas and the Roller-Coaster July 18th 2017 #04
[[File:|150px|link=Stepney Gets Lost]] Stepney Gets Lost July 21st 2017 #05
[[File:|150px|link=A Better View for Gordon]] A Better View for Gordon July 27th 2017 #06
Gordon complains about the blank wall at the new station, so he decided to get a panoramic view, but crashed through the wall.
[[File:|150px|link=Thomas and the Shooting Star]] Thomas and the Shooting Star July 30th 2017 #07
[[File:|150px|link=James, Gordon, and Trouble]] James, Gordon, and Trouble August 5th 2017 #08
[[File:|150px|link=A Tale for Thomas]] A Tale for Thomas August 8th 2017 #09
[[File:|150px|link=A Story For Thomas]] A Story For Thomas August 13th 2017 #10
[[File:|150px|link=Funnel Trouble]] Funnel Trouble August 16th 2017 #11
[[File:|150px|link=Edward Cracks a Nut]] Edward Cracks a Nut August 20th 2017 #12
Emily takes Annie and Clarabel by mistake without Thomas' permission.
[[File:|150px|link=Kerr goes overboard]] Kerr goes overboard August 25th 2017 #13
[[File:|150px|link=Spilt Milk]] Spilt Milk August 27th 2017 #14
[[File:|150px|link=Rescue Mission]] Rescue Mission August 27th 2017 #15