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Screenshot Episode title Release date Episode number #
GordonAndToby12 Gordon and Toby January 6th 2018 #01
ThomasTakesThePlunge Thomas Takes The Plunge January 12th 2018 #02
[[File:|185px|link=The Spaceship]] The Spaceship January 13th 2018 #03
[[File:|185px|link=Billy (Episode)]] Billy January 19th 2018 #04
[[File:|185px|link=Trusty Rusty]] Trusty Rusty January 29th 2018 #05
Rusty alerts the other engines about damage to The Old Wooden Bridge but Duncan doesn't trust him, especially when he needs more coal for the journey home and the nearest coal bunker is on the other side of the bridge.
[[File:|185px|link=Tuneful Toots]] Tuneful Toots January 29th 2018 #06
[[File:|185px|link=Thomas and the Treasure]] Thomas and the Treasure February 3rd 2018 #07
RustyRedScrap-Iron30 Rusty Red Scrap Iron February 7th 2018 #08
WoollyBear12 Middle Engines February 7th 2018 #09
[[File:|185px|link=Snow Engine]] Snow Engine December 9th 2017 #13
[[File:|185px|link=Skarloey Storms Through]] Skarloey Storms Through December 10th 2017 #14
[[File:|185px|link=Tickled Pink James]] Tickled Pink James December 14th 2017 #15

Thomas Takes The Plunge

Gordon and Toby

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