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Britt Allcroft and thebladezmanll

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This is about Season 3.


Screenshot Episode title Release date Episode number #
Breakvan6 Breakvan January 4th 2011 #01
Donald and Douglas try to make Sir Topham Hatt keep both.
DomelessEngines39 Domeless Engines February 27th 2011 #02
Gordon tries to go as fast as City of Turo.
HulloTwins25 Hullo Twins March 16th 2011 #03
Sir Topham Hatt wants to send one engine away, Donald or Douglas.
PopSpecial40 Pop Special April 16th 2011 #04
Duncan takes pop to some thirsty boys.
Gordon'sWhistle32 Gordon's Whistle May 5th 2011 #05
Gordon tells Henry he whistles too much.
Thomas and the Evil Diesel July 10th 2011 #06
Diesel returns to Sodor, only to cause trouble.
LittleOldTwins38 Little Old Twins July 16th 2011 #07
Skarloey reveals his twin, Talyllyn.
TheDiseasel41 The Diseasel July 21st 2011 #08
Bill and Ben mistake BoCo of a "diseasel."
PercyandtheTrousers37 Percy and the Trousers July 29th 2011 #09
Percy wants to wear a scarf.
TheRunaway34 The Runaway August 8th 2011 #10
Harold rescues Thomas after a runaway.


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