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Britt Allcroft and thebladezmanll

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This is about Season 4.


Screenshot Episode title Release date Episode number #
TheDeputation47 The Deputation August 12th 2011 #01
Sir Topham Hatt decides to keep both Donald and Douglas.
TheFlyingKipper47 The Flying Kipper August 23rd 2011 #02
Henry has an accident pulling the "The Flying Kipper."
PopGoestheDiesel41 Pop Goes the Diesel September 5th 2011 #03
Diesel has trouble with Troublesome Trucks.
ABlastfromthePast2 A Blast from the Past September 9th 2011 #04
When Smudger returns to Sodor, Duke doesn't trust him.
Light Work Light Work October 11th 2011 #05
Edward deals with a light bulb.
DirtyWork18 Dirty Work October 23rd 2011 #06
Diesel vows to get revenge.
OldStuckUp17 Diesel's Big Idea November 10th 2011 #07
Diesel tries to make BoCo late.
PassengersandPolish3 Passengers and Polish December 7th 2011 #08
Duncan wasn't getting polished. So he became very rude and complains about passengers. He became very rude when he stops on the viaduct and refuses to move.
JamesAndMurdoch2 James and Murdoch December 12th 2011 #09
Murdoch gets to pull a passenger train, to James's dismay.
[[File:|185px|link=Winter Mischief]] Winter Mischief December 23rd 2011 #10
Thomas tries to prove he's a careful and useful engine, which causes chaos.