Season 5

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Britt Allcroft and thebladezmanll

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This is about Season 5.


Screenshot Episode title Release date Episode number #
Duck Sitting Ducks January 6th 2012 #01
Spencer challenges Duck to a race.
RustytotheRescue33 Rusty to the Rescue January 14th 2012 #02
Rusty saves Stepney from scrap.
HenrySeesRed2 Henry Sees Red January 22nd 2012 #03
Henry gets embarrassed by his red undercoat.
OutofPuff22 Out of Puff February 2nd 2012 #04
Henry doesn't listen to Donald and Douglas and can't breathe properly
Escape24 Escape February 8th 2012 #05
Douglas saves Oliver from scrap.
Escape63 Little Western February 19th 2012 #06
Duck and Oliver form a new branchline, the "Little Western."
Stepney'sSpecial39 Stepney's Special March 2nd 2012 #07
Thomas gets jealous of Stepney.
BullsEyes44 Bull's Eyes March 2nd 2012 #08
Daisy calls Toby frightened.
GallantOldEngine34 Gallant Old Engine March 11th 2012 #09
Rheneas returns from the Works.
Steamroller12 Steamroller March 16th 2012 #10
Skarloey talks Sir Handel into racing George, a steamroller.


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