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Britt Allcroft and thebladezmanll

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This is about Season 8.


Screenshot Episode title Release date Episode number #
Edward'sExploit17 Edward's Exploit December 5th 2012 #01
Edward struggles to pull a train.
CabOverWheels8 Cab Over Wheels December 12th 2012 #02
Wilbert tells the story of Sixteen.
JamesandtheBootlace James and the Bootlace December 15th 2012 #03
James makes a hole in his coaches.
ThomasandtheGuard19 Thomas and the Guard December 23rd 2012 #04
Thomas loses his guard.
Mike'sWhistle1 Mike's Whistle January 11th 2013 #05
Mike teases Duck for losing his whistle.
Determination2 Determination January 24th 2013 #06
Barry arrives just in time!
Toad stands by Toad Stands By February 7th 2013 #07
Toad keeps S.C Ruffey from bullying Oliver.
Granpuff70 Granpuff February 15th 2013 #08
The story of Duke is told.
PeterSamandtheRefreshmentLady47 Peter Sam and the Refreshment Lady February 25th 2013 #09
Peter Sam is late, so Henry threatens him.
ThomasinTrouble31 Thomas in Trouble March 5th 2013 #10
Toby comes to Sodor to help Thomas.
He'sAlwaysLate!1 He's Always Late! March 11th 2013 #11
James is mad at Edward for being late.
SirHandel(episode)37 Sir Handel March 16th 2013 #12
Sir Handel behaved badly when he first came to Sodor.
Percy'sPredicament24 Percy's Predicament March 22nd 2013 #13
Percy had an accident with trucks.
DuckTakesCharge15 Duck Takes Charge March 28th 2013 #14
The Fat Controller brings an engine named Montague, nicknamed Duck to do Percy's work.
WrongRoad12 Wrong Road March 31st 2013 #15
Edward is switched onto the main line and Gordon is mistakenly sent onto the branch line, where Bill and Ben are waiting. 


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