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Britt Allcroft and thebladezmanll

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This is about Season 9.


Screenshot Episode title Release date Episode number #
Desperate Measures2 Desperate Measures April 3rd 2013 #01
Gordon breaks down, so James has pull the Express; with Percy's help.
Limits4 Limits April 10th 2013 #02
A new diesel named Patrick arrives.
JamesandtheBootlace Tolerance April 21st 2013 #03
Diesel blocks Tidmouth Sheds.
TheOldBridge28 Running Solo April 27th 2013 #04
Rheneas runs the Skarloey Railway by himself.
NewBeginnings2 New Beginnings May 7th 2013 #05
Peter Sam and Sir Handel help out Rheneas.
OldTricks1 Old Tricks May 16th 2013 #06
Thomas and Percy nearly collide.
ThomasandtheSpecialLetter28 Great Western May 25th 2013 #07
Oliver arrives on Sodor to help.
LittleWestern2 Little Western May 30th 2013 #08
Oliver tells Duck why he was late.
Oliver'sFind27 Night Train August 4th 2013 #09
James takes the mail run.
FireEngine9 Identity August 4th 2013 #10
The new engine, Alfred, meets Henry.
Thomas,EmilyandtheSnowplough57 Snowstorm August 10th 2013 #11
Thomas, Percy, and Toby battle through the snow.
TheDiseasel9 Little Engines August 14th 2013 #12
Bill and Ben see the Arlesdale Railway.
TrainStopsPlay9 Football Special September 6th 2013 #13
The Peel Godred Railway engines deliver a football special.
TroublesomeTrucks(episode)31 Useful Engines September 15th 2013 #14
James helps after a storm.
FirstImpressions6 First Impressions September 29th 2013 #15
Alfred and Diesel meet


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