Sir Handel (episode)



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March 16 2013

Railway Series Book

Four Little Engines

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Sir Handel is the twelfth episode of the eight season.


There were two new engines that came to Skarloey's shed. One was Sir Handel, and the other was Peter Sam. One day, Sir Handel was very cross, because he was insulting Skarloey and the old shed, which he thinks is very small. Peter Sam thinks it is very nice and explains to Skarloey that Sir Handel is really a nice engine, but he just upset at the moment, and Skarloey felt very sorry for Peter Sam. Then, Sir Handel was informed by his driver that he has to pull passenger train to the To Station. Sir Handel refuses to go, but reluctantly does so. When Sir Handel came to fetch his coaches from the yard, he felt so cross and thinks they are cattle trucks. The coaches are hurt, with Sir Handel simply saying that they are not the sort of coaches he's used to.

When Sir Handel reaches Crovan's Gate, he meets Gordon who brings the passengers for Sir Handel's train.




Sir Handel (TV Series Style)

Sir Handel (TV Series Style)

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