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Smokescreen is the Five episode of the Railway Series.

Plot Edit

One day, Gordon was feeling stuffed up. His fireman explained to him that it's his coal but they cannot replace it. Henry suggested to sneeze, but Gordon vetoed the idea, for The Fat Controller didn't like Henry's sneeze.

Gordon was nervous the next day as he pulled the express, for he didn't want to slip on the hill. At Wellsworth, the fireman made Gordon's fire so he could get a good run at the hill. At the station, a party of wedding guests were on the platform. Unfortunately, Gordon raced by and covered them with a thick, black smokescreen of smoke. The guests shook fists at Gordon and hurried to the stationmaster's office.

At the end of the line, an inspector came to see Gordon to send a message from The Fat Controller that was short; but not sweet. Gordon complained to BoCo about this. BoCo, trying to cheer Gordon, said that soot is good for the garden..

Gordon was very careful on the way home. The Fat Controller had to cancel a visit from the Other Railway to apoligize to the wedding guests. He waited for a train to come when Gordon raced by a cloud of smoke fell The Fat Controlerr's new hat!

When Gordon reached the big station, another inspector was waiting for him. Gordon was shocked when he heard about the hat and started to protest. The inspectors said that it's true and The Fat Controller was waiting for Gordon at the sheds. Gordon puffed sadly home.



Trivia Edit

  • The events of this episode takes place in 1986.



The Railway Series - Smokescreen

The Railway Series - Smokescreen

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