Special Funnel



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November 25 2013

Railway Series Book

Gallant Old Engine

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Special Funnel is the tenth episode of the tenth season.


It was wintertime on Sodor and Peter Sam's old funnel was being blown away by the biting wind. His funnel has been very wonky since he has had an accident with the trucks. He was awaiting for his new funnel which, in the manager's words, will be "something special". The other engines enjoyed teasing Peter Sam and feels very impressed about it.

The weather has later on been worse and the washout has been near the tunnel. So, Rusty has decided to bring the workmen to repair the bridge. As days went by, the weather change and becomes very frosty and much colder. After a few days, the bridge was mended and Peter Sam carefully took the morning train over the bridge. As he puffs through the tunnel, the icicles from the tunnel roof has knocked his funnel off and Peter Sam came out of the tunnel looking silly without his funnel. Then he used an old drainpipe funnel as a spare funnel.

When Peter Sam came back to the sheds, all the engines saw his drainpipe funnel and laughed at it and Sir Handel sang a song about it. Then later on, Peter Sam's new funnel has arrived. He discovers that it was different to his old funnel because it is a giesl injector which makes him puffing much easier. He felt so proud of it. But when the other engines saw Peter Sam's new funnel, they stopped laughing at it and thought they had one like it.



  • Stock footage from Granpuff has been used.


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