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March 16 2012

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Steamroller is the tenth episode of the fifth season.


Sir Handel has his new wheels fitted. He was very proud of it and claims that he is better than the others. As Sir Handel came to the sheds, the other engines teased him about his special wheels and made fun of it. Sir Handel got cross with the engines and tells them that his wheels are special like Peter Sam's new funnel. Skarloey, who was attempting to bring Sir Handel down to size, tells him about an anti-railway steamroller named George, whom Sir Handel would pay out for sending rude remarks about the engines.

Later on, Sir Handel met George at the level crossing. George was very cross with Sir Handel, saying that he swanks around with his Steamroller wheels pretending he is as good as him. Then, the next day, Sir Handel was bringing his special train home, where he meets George along the roadside. Then Sir Handel came in front of George and then George got closer to Sir Handel. Sir Handel tells George to go away, but George bercomes insulted and refuses to move. Then he went closer to Sir Handel and crashed into his train.

Then, the mens were arguing about whose fault it was, for causing trouble. When the policemen came, they all sotpped arguing and decided to clear away the mess. The next day, the workmen cleared away all the mess and built a fence between the road and the railway and then they all went away, taking George with them. Sir Handel, who was puffing on his own felt pleased and thought he had made George go away. But when he came back to the sheds, the boys teased Sir Handel all about how he got beaten by the steamroller and made Sir Handel even crosser.




The Railway Stories - Steamroller

The Railway Stories - Steamroller

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