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Thomas And Stepney is the seventh episode of the fifth season.


Thomas is feeling very happy of his blue paint and is right on time and has been running his branch line like clockwork.He asks Percy if his branch line is the pride of the line.Percy agrees and tells him that there is another engine with a famous branch line who is named Stepney but Sir Topham Hatt said that he will visit the railway someday. Meanwhile, Stepney has been running along his branch line very smoothly, but isn’t long enough, much to his disappointment. Stepney then sees Rusty and complains to him that his railway is short. Rusty suggests that Stepney should talk to his driver so that he will understand. Stepney’s driver is feeling the same way, until that evening he tells him that Sir Topham Hatt has invited him to visit the other engines and it will be a really long run, in which Stepney sets off the next morning. Percy asks Thomas if Stepney runs a famous branch line, but Thomas is feeling jealous and thinks that is branch line is so much better and leaves. Percy realizes that no one is arriving, but he is wrong when the signal drops and the engines hear a whistle in the distance. Douglas tells the other engines that Stepney is coming. Stepney puffs through the junction, where the engines whistle a big welcome. Edward hopes that Stepney will meet him, as they are both proud to have branch lines. Stepney sets off to help Duck shunt coaches in the yards, and works all afternoon. Later that night, Thomas arrives and doesn’t have time to talk and leaves again. The engines hear shouting at the station, until an alarm sounds, and the signalman answers the telephone and realizes that there is a special. Thomas is impatient and asks why he is waiting. He is then being shunted to allow another engine to pass, until the engines hear a whistle again, which turns out to be Stepney and gathers speed and disappears, much to Thomas’s annoyance. The next morning, Thomas is still angry until Stepney arrives and apologizes to him about the special and tells Thomas that an important passenger arrived just as Thomas left and ordered a special train and Duck had to let Stepney take it. He tells him that they both have a splendid run, but Thomas realizes that it was important to forgive and realizes that it can make an engine nervous. Stepney flatters Thomas by calling him an expert. Thomas is now feeling much better, and is no longer feeling cross, and he begins telling Stepney about his branch line.





The Railway Series Stepney's Special

The Railway Series Stepney's Special

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